Hello! I’m Al Amin

Professional Web & Graphics Designer, owner of The Designors and Blog Author

I want to do work that inspires me and others everyday. I hope to have a positive impact in this world and provide value to ensure a greater quality life for the world.

I help web designers in the areas of Web Design, WordPress (Divi & Divi the most popular WordPress Theme) and the Business of Web & Graphics Design.

To help people I created and run the Web & Graphics Designers Facebook group

This is my Web & Graphics Design Agency. I have skilled team to serve best t our clients

Professionally, I’m a:

Web Designer & Developer, Business Owner, Creative Director, Blogger, YouTuber, Digital Marketer, Consultant and Coach.

Personally, I’m a:

Servant of Allah, Son, Brother, player and watcher of football, a good reader also, and a mentor and friend wherever I can be.

My Story

I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I’m student of law. At this time, I’m running a design agency called The Designors. Doing graphic design, I began creating T-shirt designs, CD artwork and various merchandise. When someone asked me how much I’d charge to design a t-shirt, it was like a light bulb turned on and I thought…”Wow, I could make some money doing something I really enjoy.”

Teaching individuals how to make beautiful websites actually came about in early 2017. It wasn’t what I initially had planned to do.

I really enjoyed what I learned about web design at the time (which was custom coding sites with HTML and using Dreamweaver) and decided to pursue an associates footstep in Digital Design and Graphics at Columbus State Community College. It’s my only formal education and was very valuable in helping me in all areas of graphic design, basic web design, photography, color management, branding and more. I learned a lot there technically but have always learned better by real world experience, trial and error and plain old failing 🙂 which I was doing on the side by designing graphics for bands.

I experimented with WordPress for a site in 2015 as I got further into the web design world. Divi truly became “The one theme to rule them all” for me and I chose to run my business exclusively with that theme. To this day, I have not used any other theme or platform than Divi and WordPress to build a website.

Soon after, I felt a need to connect with fellow Web and graphics Designers in a different way than I had seen with many of the other groups. I didn’t see a group geared around the idea of sharing your work, getting feedback and empowering each other to be better designers so I started the Facebook Group. Between admining the group and contributing more to the ET blog, I found in myself a new passion to help Web Designers more and more and realized how much I’ve learned since 2015 when it came to starting and running a profitable web design business that gave me freedom, a chance for my wife to stay home and for us to work whenever, where ever we wanted.