How to Install WordPress Manually

by | Apr 18, 2019 | from Blog, Web Design, WordPress

You don’t need to install WordPress manually in all hosting provider. As you are probably aware, most reputable hosting providers these days include automated WordPress install tools such as MOJO, Softaculous, etc. These installers work great in many cases, but often stuff your site full of unwanted plugins and themes. In addition, these automated tools have a reputation for timing out or being completely unavailable at times, which can be frustrating if you’re on a deadline.

however, if you are having trouble with this method, this article will cover the steps needed to install WordPress manually.

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Step 1: Download WordPress First

First of all you need to download WordPress files into your pc. So, go to Download WordPress files.

How to Install WordPress Manually

After download keep the file to a folder, you need the file in the next steps.

Step 2: Upload WordPress to Hosting Account

There are three (3) available options for uploading WordPress to a hosting account.

How to Install WordPress Manually

  • Upload via FTP – Please see FTP Getting Started for more information.
  • Upload via File Manager – Please see How to Upload Using the File Manager for instructions.
  • Upload via SSH – Please see How to Get and Use SSH Access for instructions.

I will show uploading files via File Manager. So let’s begin:

  1. Login to cPanel.
  2. Under Files, click File Manager.
  3. Select Web Root and Show Hidden Files, then click Go.
  4. Click to open the folder to which you’d like to upload files.
  5. Click Upload from the top toolbar.
  6. Click Browse (some web browsers will have Choose File instead).
  7. Select the file on your computer that you wish to upload.
  8. Once the file has been selected, it will automatically upload. You may select additional files while uploads are in progress.

Step 3: Create MySQL Database and User

WordPress cms store its information and data in a database. So, first of all, need to create a Database on hosting.

How to Install WordPress Manually

  1. Login to cPanel.
  2. In the Databases section, click the MySQL Database Wizard icon
  3. For Step 1: Create A Database, enter the database name and click Next Step.
  4. For Step 2: Create Database Users, enter the database user name and password and click Create User.
  5. For Step 3: Add User to the Database, click the All Privileges checkbox and click Next Step.
  6. For Step 4: Complete the task, make note of the database name, username and password, as you will need them for Next Step

Step 4: Configure wp-config.php

The wp-config-sample.php file contains the database information and orders the WordPress cms which database to pull information from. In this step must be completed to ensure the correct database information is associated with the WordPress installation.

Be sure to replace in the example above with your actual domain name.
You should now see a welcome page that says “Welcome to the famous five minute WordPress installation process!”

Let’s begin configuration of wp-config:

How to Install WordPress Manually

  1. Go to
  2. You will see a screen that you are seeing above. Press Let’s go!
  3. Fill up the database name field with your database name that you have created sometime ago.
  4. Fill up the username name field with your database name same way. Fille same password field also.
  5. In the prefix field you can put anything as you want.
  6. Then click finished

That’s i. Now let’s go to next step

Step 6: Complete the Installation

In this page, you have to fill in the fields for:

How to Install WordPress Manually

  • Your Site Name
  • Username
  • Password (needs to be entered twice)
  • Email address (login information will be sent to this email address)
  • Select whether or not to have the search engines index the site

Click Install Now, and you should be taken to the final screen, showing the following message:

✔ Success! WordPress has been installed.